HMSA - The Hypermobility Syndrome Association

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The Hypermobility Syndrome Association (HMSA) is a charity run by and for people diagnosed with the Hypermobility syndrome (HMS). The HMSA aims to provide support and information to those affected by HMS and to promote knowledge and understanding within the medical community and the public at large.

They hope to assist sufferers to come to terms with HMS and the distress that HMS can cause.

They work closely with those in the medical community with a special interest in HMS. Through their newsletters they aim to provide members with updates on the developments and issues within the medical community.

They also aim to provide those in the medical community with information about living with HMS. They can provide valuable data for research just by working as a group rather than as individuals. Working in a proactive and mutually beneficial relationship with the medical community, the HMSA acts as both a support group as well as a force for advocacy for those with HMS.

Last updated on 08/02/2016

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