Kawasaki Support Group

13 Norwood Grove
Potters Green
West Midlands

Tel: 02476 612178

Web: www.kssg.org.uk

The Kawasaki Support Group was set up in June 1994 by three mothers of children with Kawasaki syndrome. The group has support from the medical profession and the charity Contact-a-Family to which it is affiliated. The group is run by volunteers who have set up a national telephone helpline giving parents information, understanding and friendship. There are currently over 1,250 families involved in the Group.

The Group is currently trying to increase awareness of the condition throughout the medical profession and to the general public whilst at the same time informing parents of its existence as a support resource. The Group is supported by a team of medical advisers who have experience of the syndrome and who are able to help with parents' queries and give research updates when possible.

Last updated on 11/09/2012

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