The British Prostatitis Support Association

The British Prostatitis Support Association is an internet-based, UK-focused organisation for information, support and campaigning related to the prostate disease of prostatitis/chronic prostatitis.

The British Prostatic Support Association was created after the initial example of the Prostatitis Foundation (USA group). However, the British Prostatic Support Association operates independently.

Their aims are to raise awareness of the disease within the UK, provide a forum for mutual support and information for those affected, and encourage a climate for research. Patients, friends, family and medical professionals are all welcome.

The Association encourages those with prostatitis with a UK interest to join their group and communicate with others with aims of working together to help all in the British Prostatic Support Association community. Moreover, as a group using mostly email to keep in touch, they also try to meet from time to time.

Last updated on 06/11/2013

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