Young Epilepsy

St Piers Lane

Tel: (Helpline) 01342 831342, (Admin) 01342 832243


Formerly the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE), Young Epilepsy is a registered charity whose mission is 'better futures for young lives with epilepsy'. They have four strategic objectives to achieve this:

  • To be the voice of childhood epilepsy through excellent information, awareness and support programmes and campaigns.
  • Achieve valuable insights into childhood epilepsy through our research programme and the delivery of an excellent range of specialist multi-disciplinary diagnostic, assessment and rehabilitation services.
  • Provide excellent specialist education, residential and health services for the students at St Piers School.
  • Develop and deliver a range of outstanding day and residential services, each with an education/enrichment dimension for students at St Piers College.

Last updated on 30/08/2013

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