Alzheimer's Society

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Devon House
58 St Katherine's Way

Tel: (National Dementia Helpline) 0300 222 11 22, (Office) 020 7423 3500


The Alzheimer's Society is the UK's leading care and research charity for people with dementia and those who care for them.

The Alzheimer's Society is a membership organisation, which works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Many of their 25,000 members have personal experience of dementia, as carers, health professionals or people with dementia themselves, and their experiences help to inform their work.

The Society's fight for a better world for people with all types of dementia takes a wide range of forms. Through their branches, they touch the lives of over 30,000 people every week, providing a wide range of services and support for people with dementia and their carers. Every year, more than a million people make use of the information they provide.

Through campaigning and lobbying the Society strives to influence government policies and raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with dementia and the people who care for them. And through their research programme they work to improve the knowledge they have about dementia and its treatment - and pursuing the ultimate goal of finding a cure.

In over 250 locations across the UK, Alzheimer's Society staff and volunteers work together to provide help and information to people affected by dementia in their communities.

The Society provides reliable and up-to-date information to help you with every aspect of living with dementia: from understanding diagnosis and assessment to dealing with the financial challenges you may encounter. Their range of over a hundred factsheets and other publications on dementia provide the answers to many of the common questions they have been asked over the years.

Last updated on 30/10/2013

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