Nacoa - National Association for Children of Alcoholics

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PO Box 64
BS16 2UH

Tel: (Helpline) 0800 358 3456


Nacoa (the National Association for Children of Alcoholics) is a registered charity which addresses the needs of children growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism or a similar addictive problem. This includes children of all ages, many of whose problems only become apparent in adulthood.

Nacoa has four broad aims:

  • To offer information, advice and support to children of alcohol-dependent parents.
  • To reach professionals who work with these children.
  • To raise their profile in the public consciousness.
  • To promote research into he particular problems faced by those who grow up with parental alcoholism and the prevention of alcoholism developing in this vulnerable group of children.

Last updated on 31/07/2014