Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Awareness UK

Starting Point
16 Pickering Road
IG11 8PG

Tel: 07507 855558 or 07794 743789


A not-for-profit organisation committed to creating awareness of Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) in the UK.

Their mission is to:

  • Create an awareness of SJS.
  • Deter individuals who indulge in self-prescribed medication.
  • Empower individuals to be able to recognise some early symptoms of allergic reactions to medications.
  • Encourage all individuals to observe changes to their body while on medication.
  • Support survivors and their families to overcome the emotional and psychological challenges they may experience.
  • Research into the post effects of SJS
  • Identify the practical barriers and suggest ways of overcoming such obstacles.

Last updated on 08/11/2013

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