The Hepatitis C Trust

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27 Crosby Row

Tel: (Helpline) 0845 223 4424 (Mon-Fri 10.30 am-4.30 pm), (Office) 0207 089 6220


Their website states that " if you wanted to describe The Hepatitis C Trust in a single sentence, you would not be far off the mark to say that it is a group of people with hep C trying to help other people who are affected by hep C.”

The initial vision of the Trust was to create:

  • To create a much needed UK-based website providing reliable information.
  • To set up a helpline manned by people who have or have had hepatitis C.
  • To improve services and education within the NHS.
  • To put pressure on the government to push hepatitis C further up their agenda because the UK has lagged so far behind other countries in terms of patient care, diagnosis, destigmatisation and raising awareness.

The Hepatitis C Trust runs three support and information groups per month at their office in London. These groups are a great way of meeting other people living with this disease and can be a really helpful means of support through hearing other people's stories and strategies for how they cope with the issues that hepatitis C can raise. The groups are friendly and informal and everyone is welcome.

Last updated on 31/10/2013

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