British Heart Foundation

Greater London House
180 Hampstead Road

Tel: (Heart Helpline) 0300 330 3311, (Admin) 020 7554 0000


The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is a major national charity which plays a leading role in the fight against heart and circulatory disease, the UK's biggest killer. It is the largest independent source of funds for heart research in this country and also plays an important role in providing life-saving cardiac equipment.

It helps patients return to a full and active lifestyle by giving support to rehabilitation programmes, heart support groups and BHF nurses. The BHF brings the healthy lifestyle message to the public and heart patients through a wide range of posters, leaflets and videos. Topics include diet, exercise, coronary heart disease, losing weight, emergency skills, hospital treatments and many are written for specific groups such as children, women, men, or smokers. Doctors, nurses and scientists are also advised on developments in the prevention and treatment of heart disease.

Last updated on 27/10/2016

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