Hearing Link

27-28 The Waterfront
BN23 5UZ

Tel: 0300 111 1113
Fax: 01323 471 260
SMS: 07526 123 255
Web: www.hearinglink.org

Hearing Link is a national voluntary organisation providing support and information to people with a hearing loss and their families (formerly Hearing Concern and the LINK Centre for deafened people).


To increase awareness and understanding of hearing loss and its impact; inform and empower people to manage their hearing loss; and ensure that appropriate services are provided for people affected by hearing loss.


  • Support services: helpdesk, website, outreach, rehabilitation and personal development programmes, support for cochlear implant users and candidates.
  • Community building: social groups and hard of hearing clubs, national convention and regional volunteer and membership events.
  • Leisure: communication assisted holidays, lipspeaking tours.
  • Research: effects of hearing loss, oral histories.
  • Publications: books on living with acquired hearing loss and acquired profound hearing loss, and employment.
  • Membership: feature magazine and newsletter.
  • Campaigning: better services and telecommunications, raising awareness.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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