Marfan Association UK

Rochester House
5 Aldershot Road
GU51 3NG

Tel: 01252 810472


The Marfan Association UK exists to support those suffering from the syndrome and their families. This is particularly necessary when a person is first diagnosed, as Marfan syndrome is often something of which they have never heard.

As the condition is hereditary in 75% of the cases, it means that other members of the family must be tested and this often results in further diagnoses of Marfan syndrome. The support needed by the whole family at this time, to help them through the trauma, is one of the most important aims of the Association along with education and research.

Centrally, the Association is there when the telephone rings, to listen, sympathize and to help to the best of its ability. There are also 55 support points throughout the UK who are willing to listen and help Marfan sufferers in their locality.

Last updated on 27/02/2013

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