TEDct - Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust

PO Box 1928
BS37 0AX

Tel: 0844 800 8133

Web: www.tedct.co.uk

TEDct - Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust is a registered charity which aims to provide information and support to those affected by thyroid eye disease. TEDct is associated with the British Thyroid Foundation and the British Thyroid Association and a founder member of Thyroid Federation International.

TEDct produces a leaflet (the first in the UK) which, in layman's terms, gives information on thyroid eye disease. The charity has a national helpline (0844 800 8133) which operates 24 hours a day. TEDct has specialists, both endocrine and eye, who are able to answer questions. The charity promotes an awareness and understanding of the distressing nature of the disease. It also promotes best practice in treatments. Being a small charity, TEDct is unable to sponsor a great deal of research.

TEDct produces quarterly newsletters which include contributions from those affected by thyroid eye disease, those who care for them and medical professionals from around the world. The mailing list now includes consultants and patients from home and abroad. TEDct hold twice yearly, spring and autumn, Patient Information Meetings. These are open to all and are located in different places in the UK each time to enable as many to attend as possible. Information on these meetings can be obtained on their website.

Last updated on 30/10/2012

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