Non-meat based diets continue to increase in popularity as people consider both the health and environmental impact of what they put on their plate. But during barbecue season, it's all too easy to stick to burgers and bangers, forgetting about your pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan friends. We've collated expert info and delicious recipes to help you make sure everyone feels welcome and well fed.

Our survey of 3,500 people has revealed that nearly 10% of people find it ‘extremely inconvenient’ to cater for vegetarians or vegans at their BBQs - a further 15% found it ‘very’ or ‘quite’ inconvenient to cater for their non-meat eating friends.

With nearly 1 in 3 people in the UK describing themselves as having a meat free diet – preferring fish, vegetarian or purely plant based diets – having to cater for a non-meat eating friend this summer is becoming increasingly likely. However, 68% of vegans and 50% of vegetarians surveyed said they felt they were ‘not well catered for’ at BBQs.

Our ‘VBQ’ recipes will help inject some creativity into your veggie BBQ options this summer. They're so delicious and nutritious, you’ll end up cooking them even if none of your veggie friends show up!

How to have a healthier barbecue

How to have a healthier barbecue

If you’re concerned about eating healthily, a barbecue may require a bit more forward planning

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