Back Pain in Children

Authored by Dr Laurence Knott, 16 Jun 2017

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Dr John Cox, 16 Jun 2017

Pain the back in children occurs quite often and seems to be increasingly common. Most of the time this is not a serious problem.

Years ago dire warnings were given about missing serious causes of back pain in children. Now doctors are more relaxed about back pain in kids. Sure, serious causes mustn't be ignored but doctors have come to realise there's no need to scan every kid who winces after slamming themself into a goal post.

There's a whole range of conditions that can cause back pain in older children, including overuse, carrying heavy backpacks, and sprains and fractures. Less common conditions include slipped discs and inflammatory diseases.

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Yeasterday, i went to urgent care because my back pain got so bad that it was a little hard to breathe. They told me I had thoracic kyphosis i believe. I've always had poor posture since I was little....

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