Medicines & Drugs by category Medicines to used treat heart and blood vessel problems

The leaflets in this section are authored by an experienced pharmacist. Pharmacists are experts in medicines. The medicines in this section include those used for treating high blood pressure, angina and other heart conditions. If you've ever thought "Who shouldn't take beta blockers?", "How do I take my clopidogrel?", "How do I get the most from my lisinopril treatment?" and "What problems can simvastatin cause?" information leaflets in this section will have answers for you.

Acebutolol - a beta-blocker (Sectral)Acipimox
Adrenaline (epinephrine) for anaphylaxis (Emerade, EpiPen, Jext)Ambrisentan for pulmonary hypertension (Volibris)
Amiloride tabletsAmiodarone for irregular heartbeats (Cordarone X)
Amlodipine tablets (Amlostin, Istin)Apixaban to prevent blood clots (Eliquis)
Aspirin to prevent blood clots (Micropirin, Nu-Seals Aspirin)Atenolol - a beta-blocker
Atorvastatin tablets (Lipitor)Azilsartan - an angiotensin receptor blocker
Bendroflumethiazide tabletsBezafibrate for hyperlipidaemia (Bezalip, Fibrazate XL)
Bisoprolol - a beta-blocker (Cardicor, Congescor, Emcor)Bosentan tablets (Tracleer)
BumetanideCandesartan - an angiotensin receptor blocker (Amias)
Captopril - an ACE inhibitor (Capoten, Ecopace, Noyada)Carvedilol - a beta-blocker
Celiprolol - a beta-blockerChlortalidone tablets (Hygroton)
Cilostazol tablets (Pletal)Ciprofibrate for hyperlipidaemia
Clopidogrel to prevent blood clots (Grepid, Plavix)Colesevelam - a lipid-lowering medicine (Cholestagel)
Colestipol - a lipid-lowering medicine (Colestid)Colestyramine sachets (Questran)
Co-triamterzide tabletsCyclopenthiazide tablets
Dabigatran capsules (Pradaxa)Digoxin
DiltiazemDipyridamole to prevent blood clots (Asasantin Retard, Persantin)
Disopyramide for irregular heartbeats (Rythmodan)Doxazosin - an alpha-blocker
Dronedarone tablets (Multaq)Enalapril - an ACE inhibitor (Innovace)
Eplerenone tablets (Inspra)Eprosartan - an angiotensin receptor blocker (Teveten)
Ezetimibe tablets (Ezetrol, Inegy)Felodipine tablets
Fenofibrate for hyperlipidaemia (Lipantil, Supralip)Flecainide for irregular heartbeats (Tambocor)
Fluvastatin tablets and capsulesFosinopril - an ACE inhibitor
Furosemide (Frusol, Lasix)Gemfibrozil for hyperlipidaemia (Lopid)
Glyceryl trinitrate for anginaHydralazine for high blood pressure (Apresoline)
Iloprost for pulmonary arterial hypertension (Ventavis)Imidapril for high blood pressure (Tanatril)
Indapamide tablets (Natrilix)Indoramin - an alpha-blocker (Doralese)
Irbesartan - an angiotensin receptor blocker (Aprovel, Ifirmasta, Sabervel)Isosorbide dinitrate
Isosorbide mononitrateIvabradine tablets
Labetalol - a beta-blocker (Trandate)Lacidipine
LercanidipineLisinopril - an ACE inhibitor
Losartan - an angiotensin receptor blockerMacitentan for pulmonary arterial hypertension (Opsumit)
Methyldopa for high blood pressureMetoprolol - a beta-blocker (Lopresor)
Minoxidil for high blood pressureMoexipril - an ACE inhibitor (Perdix)
Moxonidine for high blood pressureNadolol - a beta-blocker (Corgard)
NaftidrofurylNebivolol - a beta-blocker (Nebilet)
Nicardipine capsules (Cardene)Nicorandil for angina
NifedipineNimodipine tablets (Nimotop)
Olmesartan - an angiotensin receptor blockerOmega-3 fatty acid compounds
Oxprenolol - a beta-blockerPerindopril - an ACE inhibitor
Phenindione - an anticoagulantPhenoxybenzamine - an alpha-blocker
Pindolol - a beta-blockerPotassium salts
Prasugrel tablets (Efient)Pravastatin tablets (Lipostat)
Prazosin - an alpha-blocker (Hypovase)Propafenone for irregular heartbeats (Arythmol)
Propranolol - a beta-blockerQuinapril - an ACE inhibitor
Ramipril - an ACE inhibitor (Tritace)Ranolazine for angina
Rivaroxaban tablets (Xarelto)Rosuvastatin tablets (Crestor)
Sildenafil for pulmonary arterial hypertension (Revatio)Simvastatin (Simvador, Zocor)
Sotalol - a beta-blocker (Beta-Cardone, Sotacor)Spironolactone (Aldactone)
Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction (Cialis)Tadalafil for pulmonary hypertension (Adcirca)
Telmisartan - an angiotensin receptor blocker (Micardis)Terazosin - an alpha-blocker (Hytrin)
Ticagrelor tablets - BriliqueTimolol - a beta-blocker (Betim)
Torasemide tablets (Torem)Trandolapril - an ACE inhibitor
Triamterene capsules (Dytac)Valsartan - an angiotensin receptor blocker (Diovan)
VerapamilWarfarin - an anticoagulant (Marevan)
Xipamide tablets