Brainstrust - the brain cancer people

4 Yvery Court
Castle Road
Isle of Wight
PO31 7QG

Tel: 01983 292 405


Brainstrust is a brain tumour charity that offers a unique support service to people who are coping with a brain tumour. 

They provide pragmatic support and advice from the point of diagnosis which they are able to do because of their experience battling brain cancer, their unique network of advisors and their supporters in the medical, scientific and nursing community.

Elemental to their work is high performance coaching. When we a person is no longer to able to change a situation they are challenged to change themselves.  The Brainstrust's coaching relationship enables people coping with a brain tumour to develop resilience and utilise resources to their full potential in their battle against their brain tumour.

Last updated on 29/09/2014

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