SILA - The Sarcoidosis Charity

c/o Department of Respiratory Medicine
1st Floor, Cheyne Wing
King's College Hospital
Denmark Hill


SILA (Sarcoidosis and Interstitial Lung Association) is a self help organisation with the following aims.

  • To raise public awareness, obtaining recognition from government bodies to then make the claiming of benefits a more automatic process.
  • To compile statistical information on sarcoidosis sufferers and to share this with doctors and research institutions to help further research into finding a cure.
  • To provide mutual, practical and emotional support, advice and encouragement to fellow sufferers making them feel less alone and isolated with this disease.
  • To help promote research, especially in the area of effective treatment and to identify those mostly at risk.

SILA was established to provide a presence in the south east of England. Monthly meetings (except in August) are held at King's College hospital as well as awareness days and fundraising events. SILA sends out information sheets which include details of meetings, a description of sarcoidosis, its diagnosis and treatment. A booklet, So you have Sarcoidosis, is available from SILA. For further information on sarcoidosis please send a large stamped addressed envelope (with at least four large first class stamps) to the above address. Members receive twice yearly newsletters. Membership is annual and costs ú12.

Last updated on 31/10/2012

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