Medicines & Drugs by category Medicines used to treat eye conditions

The leaflets in this section are authored by an experienced pharmacist. Pharmacists are experts in medicines. The medicines in this section include those which act on the eyes. They include various types of treatments for infections (against bacteria, viruses and fungus), treatment for glaucoma and treatments for dry eyes. If you've ever thought "Who shouldn't take prednisolone eye drops?", "How do I take my hypromellose drops?", "How do I get the most from my nedocromil sodium treatment?" or "What problems can timolol drops cause?" information leaflets in this section will have answers for you.

Acetazolamide for glaucoma (Diamox)Acetylcysteine for dry eyes (Ilube)
Aciclovir eye ointment (Zovirax)Antazoline and xylometazoline eye drops (Otrivine-Antistin)
Atropine eye drops (Minims Atropine Sulphate)Azelastine eye drops for allergies (Optilast)
Azithromycin eye drops (Azyter)Betamethasone eye drops and eye ointment (Betnesol, Vistamethasone)
Betaxolol eye drops for glaucoma (Betoptic)Bimatoprost eye drops
Brimonidine eye drops for glaucomaBrinzolamide eye drops for glaucoma (Azopt)
Bromfenac eye drops (Yellox)Carbomer liquid eye gels
Carmellose sodium for dry eyesCarteolol eye drops for glaucoma (Teoptic)
Chloramphenicol for eye infectionsCiprofloxacin eye preparations
Cyclopentolate eye drops (Mydrilate, Minims Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride)Dexamethasone eye drops for inflammation (Maxidex, Minims Dexamethasone; Dexafree, Dropodex)
Diclofenac eye drops (Voltarol Ophtha)Dorzolamide eye drops for glaucoma (Trusopt)
Emedastine eye drops for hay fever (Emadine)Epinastine eye drops for hay fever (Relestat)
Eye ointments containing liquid paraffinFluorometholone eye drops for inflammation (FML)
Flurbiprofen eye drops (Ocufen)Fusidic acid eye drops (Fucithalmic)
Ganciclovir eye gel (Virgan)Gentamicin eye drops (Genticin)
Homatropine eye dropsHypromellose eye drops (Artelac, Isopto, Tears Naturale)
Ketorolac eye drops (Acular)Ketotifen eye drops for hay fever (Zaditen)
Latanoprost eye dropsLevobunolol eye drops for glaucoma (Betagan)
Levofloxacin eye drops (Oftaquix)Lodoxamide eye drops (Alomide)
Loteprednol eye drops for inflammation (Lotemax)Moxifloxacin for eye infections (Moxivig)
Nedocromil sodium eye drops (Rapitil)Nepafenac eye drops (Nevanac)
Ofloxacin eye drops (Exocin)Olopatadine eye drops for hay fever (Opatanol)
Pilocarpine eye dropsPilocarpine tablets
Polyvinyl alcohol for dry eyes (Liquifilm Tears, Sno Tears)Prednisolone eye drops for inflammation (Predsol, Pred Forte, Minims)
Rimexolone eye drops for inflammation (Vexol)Sodium cromoglicate eye drops
Sodium hyaluronate for dry eyesTafluprost eye drops
Timolol eye drops for glaucoma (Timoptol, Tiopex)Tobramycin for eye infections (Tobravisc)
Travoprost eye dropsTropicamide eye drops (Mydriacyl, Minims Tropicamide)