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The genito-urinary system includes the organs that make, collect and store urine - that is the kidney, ureters and bladder - as well as those that are involved in reproduction for men and women. There are many conditions that affect this system, from common infections like a urine infection or chlamydia, to more complex, life-changing conditions like prostate cancer and diabetic kidney disease. This section has information on all of them. If you want to know “What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?", or "What are fibroids?”, you will find helpful information here in our doctor-authored leaflets. We will answer questions about usual investigations such as “What is a intravenous urography?” and also treatments, like “What treatment is available for incontinence?”.

Acute Kidney InjuryAcute Kidney Injury (by BKPA)
Acute ProstatitisAnogenital Warts
Antiviral Medication for Genital HerpesBacterial Vaginosis
BalanitisBartholin's Cyst and Abscess
Bedwetting - Reward SystemsBedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)
Bedwetting AlarmsBladder Cancer
Blood in UrineCancer of the Penis
Chlamydia - GenitalChronic Kidney Disease
CircumcisionCommon Problems of the Cervix
CystoscopyDesmopressin for Bedwetting
Diabetes InsipidusDiabetic Kidney Disease
Diet in Chronic Kidney DiseaseDMSA Scan
Dyspareunia (Pain Having Sex)Epididymal Cyst
Epididymo-orchitisErectile Dysfunction (Impotence)
Estimated Glomerular Filtration RateFibroids
Fungal Groin Infection (Tinea Cruris)Genital Herpes
Genitourinary ProlapseGet to Know Your Testicles (Testes)
Henoch-Schönlein PurpuraHydrocele in Adults
Hydrocele in ChildrenHypospadias
Idiopathic OedemaIgA Nephropathy (Berger's Disease)
Incontinence - Picture SummaryIncontinence/Bladder Chart
Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder SyndromeIntravenous Urography (Pyelography)
Kidney Biopsy (Renal Biopsy)Kidney Cancer
Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis)Kidney Stones
Loop DiureticsLower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in WomenMedicines for Urinary Urgency and Incontinence
Micturating/Voiding Cystourethrogram (MCUG/VCUG)Mild-to-moderate Chronic Kidney Disease
Nephrotic SyndromeNon-gonococcal Urethritis
Overactive Bladder SyndromePatients at Risk of Acute Kidney Injury (by BKPA)
Pelvic Floor ExercisesPelvic Inflammatory Disease
Pelvic Pain in WomenPeyronie's Disease
Polycystic Kidney DiseasePotassium-sparing Diuretics
Pregnancy - Urine InfectionPremature Ejaculation
Prostate CancerProstate Gland Enlargement
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) TestProstatitis - Chronic
ProteinuriaRoutine Kidney Function Blood Test
Scrotal Lumps/Pain/SwellingSexually Transmitted Infections
Stress IncontinenceSurgical Treatment Options for Heavy Vaginal Bleeding
SyphilisTesticular Cancer
The Female Reproductive SystemThe Kidneys and Urinary Tract
The Male Reproductive SystemThiazide Diuretics
Torsion of the TestisTrichomonas
Undescended TestesUrethral Stricture
Urethritis and Urethral Discharge in MenUrge Incontinence
Urinary IncontinenceUrinary Retention
Urine Infection in ChildrenUrine Infection In Men
Urine Infection in Older PeopleUrodynamic Tests
Vaginal Discharge and Vaginal BleedingVaricocele
Vulval CancerVulval Intraepithelial Neoplasia
VulvitisWilms' Tumour