Scottish War Blinded

The Linburn Centre
Louis Braille Avenue
EH27 8EJ

Tel: 0131 333 1369


Scottish War Blinded was founded in 1915 to help Scottish soldiers and sailors blinded in the 1914-1918 war. With recurrence of hostilities in 1939, a new generation of war-blinded personnel required care. Linburn House, some 10 miles from Edinburgh, was purchased and admission of residents began in July 1944. The estate development included a housing complex, workshops and recreational facilities.

The organisation provides a free service. It supports individuals who at some point in their lives have served in the armed forces and currently live with a visual impairment. Members' sight loss does not have to have occurred during or as a result of time spent in the armed forces. Many members have lost their sight due to old age or illness.

There is also an outreach service across Scotland to support Scottish War Blinded members in their local community.

Last updated on 05/09/2014

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