The National Music For The Blind

2 High Park Road

Tel: 01704 228010


The National Music for the Blind is a registered charity. It is entirely independent and run by a small band of volunteers. It relies solely on donations. The Charity was established in 1971. There are millions of recordings in the archives, covering all types of music, plays, documentaries, etc. A monthly programme is sent free of charge to visually impaired listeners on USB memory stick. The twice monthly service contains a music programme, a play, a documentary and comedy. Each USB stick must be returned within 14 days. Programmes also available on Wireless for the Blinds 'Sonata' service. New members can join free on recommendation by their GP, social services, health trust, or blind societies. Programmes are now available online and you can listen to their latest music shows, plays, documentaries and features.

This service is now completely free of any charges and only asks for donations towards running costs (usually around Christmas time).

Last updated on 30/10/2013

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