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This section contains information about common mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. If you have questions about how these conditions are diagnosed (Am I depressed, or just fed up?"), how they are treated ("What are the best treatments for depression? Are there any side-effects with the medications?") or how you can help yourself manage your condition, you will find answers here, in our doctor-authored leaflets. Less well known conditions are also covered, such as schizophrenia and personailty disorders. In this section we have some leaflets produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the professional body which trains and regulates consultant psychiatrists in the UK.

Abuse - A Self Help GuideAcute Stress Reaction
AgoraphobiaAlcohol and Older People
Alcohol and You - A Self Help GuideAlcohol Detoxification
Alcohol, Drugs and AddictionAlcoholism and Problem Drinking
Anger - Self Help GuidesAnorexia Nervosa
Antipsychotic MedicinesAnxiety
Anxiety - Self Help GuidesAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Autistic Spectrum DisordersBehavioural Problems and Conduct Disorder
Being Assertive - A Self Help GuideBenzodiazepines and Z Drugs
Bereavement - Self Help GuidesBipolar Disorder
Body Dysmorphic DisorderBulimia Nervosa
BullyingBuprenorphine Replacement for Heroin
Chronic Pain - A Self Help GuideCognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Coming off AntidepressantsControlled Breathing (Pursed Lips Breathing)
DepressionDepression - Self Help Guides
Depression and Low Mood - A Self Help GuideDepression and Men
Depression in Older AdultsDissociative Identity Disorder - An Introduction
Domestic Violence - A Self Help GuideEating Disorders - A Self Help Guide
Food for Thought - A Self Help GuideGender Dysphoria
Generalised Anxiety DisorderHealth Anxiety - A Self Help Guide
Hearing Voices - A Self Help GuideHuntington's Disease
Insomnia (Poor Sleep)Lewy Body Dementia
MAOI AntidepressantsMedicines for Dementia
Medicines for Drug DependenceMemory Loss and Dementia
Methadone Replacement for HeroinObsessions and Compulsions - Self Help Guides
Obsessive-compulsive DisorderPanic - Self Help Guides
Panic Attack and Panic DisorderPeople with Mental Health Problems - a Checklist for Carers
PhobiasPost Traumatic Stress - Self Help Guides
Postnatal DepressionPostnatal Depression - A Self Help Guide
Postpartum PsychosisPost-traumatic Stress Disorder
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)Prisoner Anxiety - A Self Help Guide
Prisoner Depression and Low Mood - A Self Help GuidePrisoner Post Traumatic Stress - A Self Help Guide
Problem GamblingPsychosomatic Disorders
Recommended Safe Limits of AlcoholRecreational Drugs
Relaxation Exercises and MindfulnessSafeguarding Adults
SchizophreniaSeasonal Affective Disorder
Self-harm - A Self Help GuideShyness and Social Anxiety - Self Help Guides
Sinclair Method for Alcohol Use DisorderSleeping Problems - Self Help Guides
Sleeping TabletsSocial Anxiety Disorder
Somatisation/Somatoform DisordersSSRI Antidepressants
Stopping Benzodiazepines and Z DrugsStress - Self Help Guides
Stress and Tips on How to Avoid ItSuicidal Thoughts
Tourette's SyndromeTricyclic Antidepressants
What is the difference between a Psychiatrist, a Clinical Psychologist and a Psychotherapist?What to expect of your psychiatrist in the UK
Wilson's Disease