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Whoever said school days are the best of your life obviously never had an infestation of nits to deal with! Whilst hanging out with your mates is a great way to spend your days, there are lots of health implications from simple cough germs to disorders that affect learning, such as dyslexia and autism.

We've got a ton of expert heath advice to help ease the transition away from the summer holidays, for those about to start their first day at school, as well as anyone entering the home stretch.
How to avoid back-to-school head lice

How to avoid back-to-school head lice

You’ll be looking for two things - lice and nits. Although the two terms are often used to mean the same thing, they aren’t; lice are small grey-brown insects that cling to the hair close to the scalp while nits are the empty yellow-white shells left after their eggs have hatched.

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