Child Health

If your children are unwell, it can be a very worrying time. It isn't always easy to remember everything your doctor tells you and you may need reliable, doctor-authored leaflets to help get you through. This section has information on all conditions that affect children, except the most rare, from coping with nappy rash or a high temperature appropriately, to routine vaccinations or baby colic, through to the really frightening ("Could it be meningitis?"). You can find information about the symptoms and check the available treatments in this section.

Accessible LeafletsAcute Diarrhoea in Children
Anthelmintics - Medicines for WormsAntifungal Medicines
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderAutistic Spectrum Disorders
Baby ColicBalanitis
Bedwetting - DesmopressinBedwetting - Reward System
Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)Bedwetting Alarms
Behavioural Problems and Conduct DisorderBlocked Nose in Babies ('Snuffles')
Cerebral PalsyChest Infection
Chickenpox in Children under 12Child Attachment Disorder
Childhood Gastro-oesophageal RefluxChildhood Leukaemias
Children's CancersCleft Lip and Palate
Club Foot (Congenital Talipes Equinovarus)Cold Sores
Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid MalformationConstipation in Children
Cough MedicinesCoughs and Colds in Children
Cow's Milk Protein AllergyCri du Chat Syndrome
CroupCystic Fibrosis
Dealing with TantrumsDevelopmental Dysplasia of the Hip
Domestic ViolenceDown's Syndrome
DTaP/Polio/Hib ImmunisationDyspraxia (Developmental Co-ordination Disorder)
Ear Infection (Otitis Media)Epiglottitis
Erythema Toxicum NeonatorumFebrile Seizure (Febrile Convulsion)
Fetal Alcohol SyndromeFetal Anticonvulsant Syndrome
Fever/High Temperature in ChildrenFood Poisoning in Children
Gastroenteritis in ChildrenGlue Ear
Glue Ear - Picture SummaryGlycogen Storage Disorders
Growing PainsHand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Hydrocele in ChildrenHypospadias
Immunisation - Usual UK ScheduleImpetigo
Juvenile Idiopathic ArthritisKawasaki Disease
Lactose IntoleranceLiving with a Long-term Condition
Meningococcal ImmunisationMeningococcal Infection
Mesenteric AdenitisMMR Immunisation
Molluscum ContagiosumMumps
Nappy RashNeuroblastoma
Obesity and Overweight in ChildrenOperations for Glue Ear
Oral Thrush in BabiesPerthes' Disease
Pneumococcal ImmunisationPolio Immunisation
Primary Cold Sore InfectionPyloric Stenosis
Reducing the Risk of Cot DeathRetinoblastoma
RotavirusRubella (German Measles)
Rubella ImmunisationSafeguarding Children
Scarlet FeverSchool Exclusion Times
Seborrhoeic Dermatitis in Babies (Cradle Cap)Sepsis (Septicaemia)
Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell AnaemiaSlapped Cheek Disease
Slipped Capital Femoral EpiphysisSpina Bifida
Squint (Strabismus) in ChildrenStammer/Stutter
Sweat TestTear Duct Blockage in Babies
TeethingTetanus Immunisation
Tips for Dealing with Lactose IntoleranceToddler's Diarrhoea
Torsion of the TestisTurner Syndrome
Undescended TestesUrine Infection in Children
Viral RashesWhooping Cough
Why Wasn't I Prescribed Antibiotics?Wilms' Tumour
Your Child's General Anaesthetic