Professional Reference by letter: A

AbbreviationsAbdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Abdominal Distension and BloatingAbdominal Examination
Abdominal MassesAbdominal Pain
Abdominal Pain In PregnancyAbdominal Trauma
Abdominal Wall HerniasAblation Therapy for Arrhythmias
Abnormal GaitAbnormal Involuntary Movements
Abnormal Liver Function TestsAbnormal Puberty
Abnormal Weight LossAbortion
Abortion (Spontaneous)Abuse by Peers
Accelerated HypertensionAccidents and their Prevention
ACE InhibitorsAchalasia
Achilles Tendinopathy and RuptureAching Joints - Assessment, Investigations and Management in Primary Care
AchondroplasiaAcid Maltase Deficiency
Acid-base BalanceAcne Conglobata and Rarer Forms of Acne
Acne ExcoriéeAcne Vulgaris
Acoustic NeuromasAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
AcromegalyAcromioclavicular Joint Problems
ACS - Acute Coronary SyndromeActinic Keratosis
ActinomycosisAcute (Adult) Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Acute AbdomenAcute Abdominal Pain in Children
Acute Alcohol Withdrawal and Delirium TremensAcute Confusional State
Acute Corneal ProblemsAcute Coronary Syndrome
Acute Diarrhoea in AdultsAcute Exacerbations of COPD
Acute Generalised Pustular PsoriasisAcute Inflammatory Polyneuritis
Acute Kidney InjuryAcute Lung Injury
Acute Lymphoblastic LeukaemiaAcute Monoarthritis
Acute Myeloid LeukaemiaAcute Myocardial Infarction
Acute Myocardial Infarction ManagementAcute Nephritis
Acute on Chronic Kidney DiseaseAcute Optic Neuritis
Acute Otitis Media in AdultsAcute Otitis Media In Children
Acute PancreatitisAcute Pericarditis
Acute Pituitary FailureAcute Poisoning - General Measures
Acute PolyarthritisAcute Pulmonary Oedema
Acute Renal FailureAcute Severe Asthma and Status Asthmaticus
Acute Stress ReactionAcute Surgical Emergencies in Children
Acute TonsilitisAcute Urinary Retention
Acute-phase Proteins, CRP, ESR and ViscosityAdair-Dighton Syndrome
Addisonian CrisisAddison's Disease
Adenoid Cystic CarcinomaAdhesive Capsulitis of the Shoulder
Adrenal CrisisAdrenal Insufficiency and Addison's Disease
Adult Advanced Life Support (ALS)Adult Cardiopulmonary Arrest
Adult Polycystic Kidney DiseaseAdult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Advance Care PlanningAdvising Patients Travelling to Remote Locations
AEC SyndromeAFP - Alpha-fetoprotein
African TrypanosomiasisAgenesis of the Corpus Callosum
Age-related Macular DegenerationAgoraphobia
Aicardi's SyndromeAIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Airways and IntubationAlbinism
Alcoholism and Alcohol Misuse - ManagementAlcoholism and Alcohol Misuse - Recognition and Assessment
Alcohol-related ProblemsAlgodystrophy
AlkaptonuriaAll - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
Allergic ConjunctivitisAllergic Phenomena
Allergic RhinitisAlopecia
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin DeficiencyAlpha-fetoprotein
Alport's SyndromeAlström's Syndrome
Alternative MedicineAlzheimer's Disease
Ambiguous GenitaliaAmblyopia
Ambulatory Blood Pressure MonitoringAmbulatory ECG Monitoring and Related Investigations
American TrypanosomiasisAmfetamine Abuse and Intoxication
AminoaciduriasAML - Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
AmniocentesisAmniotic Fluid Embolism
Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisAnaemia - Iron Deficiency
Anaemia in Chronic Kidney DiseaseAnaemia in Pregnancy
Anaemia of Chronic DiseaseAnal Carcinoma
Anal FissureAnalgesic Nephropathy
Analgesic Rebound HeadacheAnalgesics
Anaphylaxis and its TreatmentAnderson-Fabry Disease
Aneurysms and Dissection of ArteriesAngelman's Syndrome
Angina - MicrovascularAngina - Stable
Angio-oedemaAngioplasty - Coronary
AngiostrongyliasisAngiotensin-converting Enzyme Inhibitors
Angle-closure GlaucomaAnisakiasis
Ankle FracturesAnkle Injuries
Ankle Joint ReplacementsAnkylosing Spondylitis
Anogenital WartsAnorectal Abscess
Anorexia NervosaAntenatal Care
Antenatal diagnosisAntenatal Examinations
Antenatal Infections and their ConsequencesAntenatal Mental Health Problems
Antenatal Screening for Down's SyndromeAntepartum Haemorrhage
Anterior Knee PainAnthrax
Anti-arrhythmic DrugsAntibiotic Prescription - PHE
Anticonvulsants used for Focal SeizuresAnticonvulsants used for Generalised Seizures
Anti-D (Rho) ImmunoglobulinAntifibrinolytic Drugs and Haemostatics
Antifungal MedicationsAntihistamines
Antihyperglycaemic Agents used for Type 2 DiabetesAnti-inflammatory Eye Preparations
Antimicrobial Eye PreparationsAntiphospholipid Syndrome
Antiplatelet DrugsAntiretroviral Agents
Antisocial Personality DisorderAnti-tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha (anti-TNF-alpha)
Anxiety - Generalised Anxiety DisorderAnxiety - Social Anxiety Disorder
Aortic Aneurysms - ThoracicAortic Dissection
Aortic RegurgitationAortic Stenosis
Apgar Score and Neonatal ExaminationAplastic Anaemia
ApraxiaARF - Acute Renal Failure
Arias' SyndromeArnold-Chiari Malformation
Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular CardiomyopathyArsenic Poisoning
Arterial Blood Gases - Indications and InterpretationArthritis - Juvenile
Arthritis - RheumatoidArthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita
Asbestos-related DiseasesAscaris Lumbricoides
AscitesAscites Tapping
Asperger's SyndromeAspergillosis
Aspiration PneumoniaAssessing Growth
Assessing Renal FunctionAssessment of Drug Dependence
Assessment of the Patient with Established DiabetesAsteatotic Eczema (Eczema Craquelé)
AsthmaAsthma - Acute Severe Asthma and Status Asthmaticus
Asthma - Diagnosing Childhood Asthma in Primary CareAsthma - Management of Adult Asthma
Asthma - Management of Childhood AsthmaAsthma - Occupational Asthma
Asthma Action PlansAsylum Seekers and Refugees
Ataxia with TelangiectasiaAtherosclerosis
ATLS - Trauma AssessmentATLS - Triage and Scoring
Atopic Dermatitis and EczemaAtrial Fibrillation
Atrial FlutterAtrial Septal Defect
Atrophic VaginitisAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
AudiometryAudit and Audit Cycle
Audit of Diabetes CareAutistic Spectrum Disorders
Autoimmune HepatitisAutoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome
Autonomic NeuropathyAutosomal Dominant Cerebellar Ataxia
Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney DiseaseAutosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease
Axillary Vein Thrombosis