PatientPlus by letter:D

Dacryocystitis and CanaliculitisDandy-Walker Syndrome
Data Security and Caldicott GuardianshipDDH - Development Dysplasia of the Hip
De Clérambault's SyndromeDe Morsier Syndrome
Deafness in AdultsDeafness in Children
Dealing with Hearing-impaired PatientsDeath (Recognition and Certification)
Decubitus UlcersDeep Vein Thrombosis
Deep Vein Thrombosis PreventionDefibrillation and Cardioversion
Dehydration in ChildrenDelay in Labour and Instrumental Delivery
Delay In TalkingDelay In Walking
Delayed PubertyDelirium
Delusions and HallucinationsDementia
Dementia - Help and Advice for Relatives of Demented PatientsDementia Screening
Dementia with Lewy BodiesDengue Fever
Denver Developmental Screening TestDepression
Depression in Children and AdolescentsDepression in Pregnancy
Dermatitis - AtopicDermatitis - Contact and Occupational
Dermatitis ArtefactaDermatitis Herpetiformis
DermatofibromaDermatological Descriptive Terms
Dermatological History and ExaminationDermatophytosis (Tinea Infections)
Detrusor InstabilityDevelopmental Co-ordination Disorder
Developmental Dysplasia of the HipDi Guglielmo's Syndrome
Diabetes - GestationalDiabetes - Newly Diagnosed
Diabetes - Self-monitoring in Diabetes MellitusDiabetes (type 1) Management
Diabetes (Type 2) ManagementDiabetes and Intercurrent Illness
Diabetes Diet and ExerciseDiabetes Education and Self-management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed (DESMOND)
Diabetes Education and Self-management ProgrammesDiabetes in Pregnancy
Diabetes InsipidusDiabetes Insipidus - Nephrogenic
Diabetes MellitusDiabetes Patients and Surgery
Diabetes Prevention (Type 2)Diabetes with Hypertension
Diabetic AmyotrophyDiabetic Foot
Diabetic KetoacidosisDiabetic Nephropathy
Diabetic NeuropathyDiabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Eye Problems
Diagnosing Childhood Asthma in Primary CareDiagnosing Conjunctival Problems
Diagnosing COPDDiagnosing the Tropical Traveller
Diamond-Blackfan SyndromeDiaphyseal Aclasis
DIC - Disseminated Intravascular CoagulationDieulafoy Lesion
Different Levels of EvidenceDiffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis
DiGeorge SyndromeDigoxin and the Cardiac Glycosides
Dilated CardiomyopathiesDiphtheria and Diphtheria Vaccination
Diplopia and III, IV and VI Cranial Nerve LesionsDisability in Childhood
Disability in Older PeopleDisaster Plans
Discoid (Nummular) EczemaDiscoid Lupus Erythematosus
Disease-modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARDs)Diseases and Different Ethnic Groups
DISH - Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal HyperostosisDislocation - Foot
Disorders of MagnesiumDissecting aortic aneurysm
Disseminated Intravascular CoagulationDissocial Personality Disorder
Dissociative Identity Disorder - A Brief GuideDiuretics
Diverticular DiseaseDiving Accidents
Dizziness, Giddiness and Feeling FaintDizzy Spells Pathway
DKA - Diabetic KetoacidosisDLB - Dementia with Lewy Bodies
Doctor's Bag - ContentsDomestic Violence
Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE)Down's Syndrome - Prenatal Screening
Down's Syndrome (Trisomy 21)Dracunculiasis (Guinea Worm Disease)
Dressler's SyndromeDrowning and Near Drowning
Drug Abuse - Unusual PresentationsDrug Allergy
Drug Misuse and DependenceDrug Prescribing in Renal Impairment
Drug-induced HepatitisDrugs and Sport
Dry EyesDry Mouth (Xerostomia)
Dual Diagnosis (Drug Abuse with Other Psychiatric Conditions)Dubin-Johnson Syndrome
Duchenne Muscular DystrophyDuncan Disease
Dupuytren's ContractureDVA - Domestic Violence and Abuse
DVLA GuidelinesDysarthria and Dysphasia
Dysentery - AmoebicDysentery - Bacillary
Dyshidrotic EczemaDyskinesias
Dyspnoea in Palliative CareDyspraxia and Apraxia